Komuello's Patented Innovation


Komuello shoes are Ultra-light, only 2.5 oz (based on size 5), offer a flexible, soft, and supportive outsole, making it easier to crawl, walk and run!


Simply Toss Them in the Washing Machine! After your Little Adventurer had crawled, walked, and ran around the playground, park, beach, or pool, you can simply toss them in the washing machine (use a laundry bag) so they can wear them again to go out and explore!


Komuello shoes have TPE (Thermoplastic elastomers, FDA approved) rubber sole which is the same material often used for infant teething products. Komuello shoes are also made without any toxic glues that are usually used in shoe making.


No worries for sweaty baby feet. Tiny holes on our natural rubber sole allow ventilation, preventing sweaty feet and provide extra comfort for crawling, walking, and running!


Unique Bee-hive pattern non-slip natural rubber sole protects tiny feet from slipping. It's perfect for crawling, walking and running.


Protect your Little One's feet at the pool or from the hot sand at the beach! Our shoes can be worn in the water!

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