Welcome to Komuello USA, where we pride ourselves on offering the most innovative and comfortable baby shoes on the market. Designed in California and crafted in South Korea, our shoes are made with your child's safety and comfort in mind. Featuring breathability, machine washability, and a non-slip design, our BPA-free shoes are perfect for any setting, whether indoors, outdoors, or by the pool. Our patented air pocket technology and non-toxic, stretch cotton material ensure a snug fit and easy wear for your little one. The flexible rubber sole encourages natural movement, supporting your baby's growth and exploration. Join over 50,000 satisfied parents and discover the joy and comfort of Komuello's premium baby footwear.

Komuello has crafted the ideal shoes for your little one's tiny feet, making them both comfortable and safe. These shoes are constructed without harmful adhesives or materials. The key features of Komuello that have garnered appreciation from toddlers and mothers across the globe include:

Komuello - Safe to chew on
Simple to slip on and off, like cozy socks
Free from BPA, recyclable, and eco-friendly with a 100% TPE rubber sole. (Since TPE is commonly found in baby teething toys, your child can safely nibble on their Komuello!)
Extremely lightweight, tipping the scale at just 2.5 oz (for size 5)
Resistant to slips, suitable for inside or outside wear
Well-ventilated, eliminating concerns over sweaty baby feet
✓ Exclusive patented 'Air Pocket' design offers additional cushioning and breathability
Washable - whether by hand or in the machine (please use a laundry bag).



    Komuello USA, part of JEANNIE N MINI, LLC, operates out of California. Alongside Komuello, the company also features sibling brands such as Jini Mini and Puttisu.