Little Kids Size Slip On - Fox Beige

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Komuello, the most innovative & comfiest shoes. 

✔️STAY ON: The cotton top wraps the little feet just like comfy socks - easy to put on and take off. Superior elasticity helps keep them on. 

✔️NATURAL: Non-toxic, BPA Free, ultra-light (32g - size 5), recyclable, 100% TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) rubber material (often used in baby teething toys) keeps it both soft and supportive - making it easier to walk and run. 

✔️BREATHABLE: Tiny holes on the sole for air circulation. 

✔️SLIP RESISTANT: Beehive patterned TPE natural rubber sole is perfect for indoor and outdoor. 

✔️WATER SHOES: Can be worn in the water and protect little feet at the pool or from the hot sand at the beach. 

✔️WASHABLE: Simply toss them in the washing machine!

✔️EXTRA COMFORT: Komuello's patented unique Air Pocket between the sock layer and sole provides extra cushion. 

✔️ARCH SUPPORT: Komuello shoes provide the perfect amount of arch support for developing feet, with a unique sole structure for each size range. 

✔️REMOVABLE INNER SOLE: Toddler Komuello comes with removable inner sole for extra support and comfort. Remove the inner sole to wear shoes in/near water. 

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